Monday, September 10, 2007

Advertising Weak.

I just got my copy of Adweek, the near-obsolete analog edition, that recounts stories every Monday that if you're tuned into the industry, you read about as they happen. Be that as it may, the "official guide" to Advertising Week 2007 was included with Adweek. The guide is big and glossy and fat. I decided to flip through it.

First, I love that advertising week is only five days long. I know that's the length of a work-week, but the short-changed-ness seems symbolic of an industry that for too long has relied on hyperbole rather than reality.

Second is something I am stunned by. About dozen agencies have taken out full-page ads so as, I suppose, to have their logo prominently in this guide, and I guess to show their support for Advertising Week. Kirshenbaum has an ad. BBDO. TBWA/C/D. Interpublic. Universal McCann. AAAA. Euro. Leo Burnett. DrafFCB. Many others. You know what? They all suck. The ads blow. They say nothing. They aren't beautiful. They aren't smart. They communicate zip.

I know what happens with these ads. They're given to a junior team approximately 45 minutes before closing time. There's no brief, no budget, etc. But why? Why do the ads we do for ourselves suck out loud? Why are they so devoid of content. Why do they make us feel embarrassed to be in the industry many of us love?

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George Parker said...

The ads suck, not because they are given to a junior team, but because agency management, which usually consists of bean counters, has to sign off on them. These bozos do not understand advertising, they understand numbers. They also want their shit to look like everyone elses shit. That's why NO AGENCY runs advertising on a regular basis... They don't fucking believe in it!