Friday, September 7, 2007

Fallon Fallin'.

Finally! Something that pertains to the demise of the advertising Old Order--the imminent obsolescence of hide-bound advertising.

But first, a digression. Years ago, I worked for Ally & Gargano which at one time was the brightest light in the advertising universe--the agency that created the brands for FedEx, MCI (when it kicked AT&T's ass), Volvo, Fiat, Saab, Dunkin' Donuts and a more than a few other major companies. When Ally lost FedEx to the former Fallon, McElliot, Rice, that agency ran an ad proclaiming that Fallon would never go the way of Ally, ie never succumb and be killed by mediocrity.

Well history is repeating itself. Last night I ran across this in Ad Age. "Fallon Fall Continues as Shop Loses Bahamas. Citi, United Airlines Have Also Pulled Biz From Agency This Year."

In other words, the mighty have fallen.

Fallon was a great agency that for fifteen years broke through with smart, intrusive work. Something happened and their ability to continue on that course has dissipated. The question for Fallon, Saatchi (their holding company) and Publicis (their holding company's holding company) is now the $64,000 one. Can an agency brand--like any brand--be turned around, resurrected, revitalized?

It's sad. Having been at Ally, I doubt it.


tore's tour said...

Many great agencies evaporated when they couldn't change with the times.
Fallon, however, seems to be modern and very much in tune with the new media landscape.
but perhaps there is something inside that's not quite right. Or has it been a string of bad luck? shit happens.

geo said...

Not sure I agree about Fallon's in-tune-ness to new media. I think they're :30 uber alles people. At least since Lubars left.