Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why does "search" suck?

I'm looking for a job. As a consequence I go to a variety of job sites and type in my desired title as a search term. Almost invariably I get back matches for Media Planners. Account Executives. And the like. Then, somewhere further down the list, there might be a listing or two for my anticipated title.

This illustrates two things I've learned over the years.
1. Software, as much as we'd like it to be, is not a panacea. I've lived through agencies that think it's going to solve their time-sheet/billing issues, their recruitment issues, even their new business issues. The fact is, software, no matter how good it is, cannot replace human intelligence, such as it is.

2. Software isn't a service end-all. It is merely a tool to help real, live people serve you better.

Undoubtedly search is valuable and important. Consumers can't live without it. But my guess is it only works about half the time, especially if you're looking for things somewhat esoteric like a good job in advertising. It's not that much more effective than any other "service" sellers provide to buyers.

All that being said, I'll keep searching.

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HellIsEmpty said...

I too am looking for a new job and I agree.

however, having had some professional experience of how recruitment agencies work, I'll bet that the rep for the agency stuffed the feed or job description with any term vaguely related to what the role is about, to get as many views and potential responses (and thus potential bonus) as possible.

no system can correct for the mendacity of human beings...