Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 Not So Random Things I Hate.

Last month it seemed that everyone on Facebook was responding to a scourge called "25 Random Things About Me," or something like that. I thought I'd write a list that makes sense to me.

1. I hate do-nothings who pontificate and judge but don't create.
2. I hate syncophants and suck-ups whose egos are inflated and portfolios are flimsy.
3. I hate poseurs who try to snow you about technology and new paradigms instead of having ideas.
4. I hate people who tell you how late they worked the night before.
5. I hate people who say things like, "we're going to own the color blue." That's like saying we're going to own the letter "s."
6. I hate when people show up late for meetings.
7. I hate bad spelling and sloppy diction.
9. I hate people who don't say please and thank you.
10. I hate people who call meetings between 12-2 and don't provide lunch.
11. I hate people who think shooting with "Mario" is an idea.
12. I hate agencies who have plenty of reasons why we can't do that.
13. I hate creative directors who hire senior people based on ads that never ran.
14. I hate award-show incest. Ads that never ran being judged by people who never built a client's business.
15. I hate closed doors.
16. I hate analysis that ignores gut.
17. I hate people who take themselves seriously.
18. I hate all those that make this so hard.
19. I hate soul-sapping cost-cutting that winds up costing more than it saves.
20. I hate 360-degree reviews.
21. I hate jargon.
22. I hate creatives who haven't read the old VW ads. That's like a film-major having never seen "Citizen Kane."
23. I hate too many words.
24. I hate stock photography.
25. Most of all, I hate bullies.


Unknown said...

sycophants are bad, syncophants are... syncopated?

Anonymous said...

I hate when blah-blah takes the place of creative work. If you have to explain what I'm looking at, well...

I also hate people why start their sentence with "I know you're busy, but..."

Anonymous said...

I hate creatives who don't understand that "too many" words make ads persuasive, not ugly.

george tannenbaum said...

Anonymous, if the words make the ad persuasive, there aren't too many.

Ellen November said...

#25. I agree. And how do these borderline personality monsters rise to the top in agencies spreading their poison to all? I just never got that.