Monday, March 23, 2009

Exercising my vocabulary.

A babel-like gaggle of pissant poltroons gasconading with more wind in their sails than work in their portfolios. Meagre-minded midgets masquerading as humans. Pontificating dwarfs. Serpent-tongued frauds. Deceitful jezebels. Dissemblers, despoilers, despicable small-dicked double-dealers.
Asinine asses of arrogance.
Bombastic bloviating blowhards.
Carping caviling cowards.
Duplicitous distillate of dilettantism.
Excretia of ego.
Fellatio of foaming falsehoods.
Grandstanding glad handers of glib.
Hagiographers of the half-assed.
Imbeciles, idiots and in-grates.
Janissaries of Judas.
Kleptomaniacs of krap.
Monomaniacal monoliths of mealy-mouth meagre-minded mush.
Nasty needle-dicked nits.
Odious otiose orotund obfuscators.
Pissant picayune pin-headed pricks.
Querulous quick-hits of quakery.
Rotten and righteous.
Slimy scum-sniveling sycophants.
Testicle-twisted two-bit twittery.
Undulating, under-cutting, uxorious, un-doing and ugly.
Vestigial, venial and vile.
Execrable excrescence of effluvia.
Yon Cassius.
Zip-headed zeros.


Tore Claesson said...

you used pissant twice.

Anonymous said...

You cheated on the X.

geo said...

Pissant is beautiful. I could have come up with exes but I didn't want to show off.