Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God, I hate the word transparent.

We are going to be transparent. We are going to be a transparent company. Transparency is one of our core-values.


Transparent is an asinine word for honest. And my guess is if you say you're transparent, you're not honest.


We've built a robust web site. For a robust consumer engagement. We'll produce robust banners that will drive consumers and engage them with a robust experience.

Can't we find a synonym? Can't we say "there will be a lot to do on this site. Places to play, to learn, to share, to laugh?


I'm moving to a company that has scale. We're going to roll this out then scale it across geos.

No. You're going to a big company and you expect growth.

Guru. Czar.

Can't you just say asshole?


bob hoffman said...

How about "Multiple?" When did "many" or "several" become "multiple?"

Unknown said...

Fan out.

Joe M. said...

I promise to never utter "engage users" ever again. I mean it.