Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shit, I was honest.

Had a big client meeting yesteday, showing a passel of rough cuts. Finally, we got to one spot that I was trying desperately to kill. I felt it was off brand. It was actually the first spot we ever showed the client and it had helped us win the business. However since winning the business, our campaign evolved and I felt like this spot hadn't.

The client couldn't let go of the spot. So finally I said, "I think you have a case of demo love."

The looks the account people gave me you'd have thought I said "I'm a child molester, a member of the Aryan nation and a gay basher."

Man, all I did was tell the truth.


Group Creative Director said...

Bloody hilarious....!

Unknown said...

Clients deserve to hear the truth. They pay for it. Hopefully they will appreciate some honesty. The problem with being a client is that you're getting so used to being treated like someone who is all knowing, and all important, that a world of honesty suddenly sounds like criticism, arrogance, and hostility. Just like big stars get used to never hearing the truth from all the servants and leeches around. So they don't know what the truth is after a while.

Unknown said...

word, not world...sorry

Laura said...

"Demo love" is so right and yet so wrong (for clients). Thanks for sharing that one. Cannot wait to use the phrase.

bob hoffman said...

Like I always say, there's no room for honesty in a healthy relationship.

Unknown said...

@Bob. Words of wisdom indeed.