Monday, December 14, 2009

The real Tiger Woods scandal.

Of all the stupidities around Tiger Woods' peccadilloes, perhaps the most blatant is the fact that now clients are dropping Woods as being inappropriate.

Let's be clear here. Woods is a hitter of a small white ball. That's what he does for a living. The idea of him being an appropriate spokesperson for a business consulting company like Accenture is absurd. Accenture has multi-million dollar engagements with some of the largest companies in the world.

Oh I know what Accenture's research said. Woods is dashing, intrepid, fearless, strategic. Just like Accenture is.

Oh, blow it our your putter.

Tiger Woods as a spokesperson a business consulting firm is as appropriate as me having that role for a bikini designer.


Graham Strong said...

Yeah, but what about Gatorade? You'd think he'd be even more appropriate as a spokesperson, with all that running around he's doing.

In fact I see a new spot now: muffled noises, light goes on, and a Tiger Woodian hand reaches out to the nightstand to grab the Gatorade. The bottle disappears under the covers, then after a few seconds returns to the table empty.

Fade to black, and cue muffled noises again...



Unknown said...

Without even trying to be witty or anything (I'll fail anyway), I can only agree with the notion that too many celebrities are being used to push stuff they have nothing to with. Golf clubs for Tiger. Sure. But even so, we're all now so so ad-literate that we probably don't even for a second believe a golf club with his signature on it is any better than a club for the same price without it. Actually, we may suspect that a club with his signature comes with a signature premium. And as I don't play golf I reckon the only thing I'd ever need from a driver is the ability to connect nicely with the skull of an eventual intruder on my property. Which, by the way, is just about the size of hole nine in Augusta. Not the fairway. The green. Glad it's not the hole. That's for the suckers in Hongkong.