Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bad days.

Every so often you have one of those days.
You feel like saying fuck you.
Fuck you to your partner who always comes in late.
Fuck you to account who's a little too diffident.
To the planners who are so good at insisting their gut is better than yours.
Fuck you to the clients who are thinking politics.
Fuck you to your boss who shows no appreciation.
Fuck you to your agency who isn't supportive.
To your holding company who takes without giving.
To everyone and everything.
Fuck you.

I think it's normal to have days like this.
We put our heart and our soul into our jobs
and sometimes it feels like running headlong
into a brick wall.

There's not much you can do about these days.

Hope they pass.
Curse under your breath.
"Work from home."
Fighting your way through it is usually the best
way to handle it.
You know, 'the best revenge is a better ad' and all that.

Yesterday I had one of those days.
Nothing awful happened it was just one of those days.

When I got home I saw a commercial that started,
"A new era in toilet cleaning is here."

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of perspective.


Anonymous said...

keep the apidistra flying.

Anonymous said...

But admen don't have hearts or souls, so they aren't losing anything.

Anonymous said...