Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A dispatch from the front lines of corporate stupidity.

A friend just sent me an email.

"I am in a management training seminar. Two hours out of my day. I am greeted by an instructor who is surely an HR professional. How's that for plumbing the depths of oxymoronhood?

"I am told to 'fill in my name tent.' A name tent?

"Of course, the class starts at 10 and only a handful of victims have shown up on-time. The HR dweeb tells us we will 'get a star by our name.' Why do these people always feel compelled to treat people like they are children?"

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Glad to hear people showed up late at least. A little bit of resistance to all the bullshit. I remember when an agency I worked for had the (not so) brilliant idea of sending us all to a creativity seminar, that probably cost a fortune per head. Aside from the missed income for the agency in question during the three day thing. The instructors lost control after about half an hour of bull. Hey, we were a celebrated creative agency full of award winning types and those guys knew nothing other than how to talk. The only thing they had ever created was this scheme to scam gullible corporations out of money. Which I reckon might be more than I've ever created, but still...