Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Work harder.

I have been at 10 different agencies over the past 26 years and while I've been doing my time I've noticed a few things.

The brief will always suck.
There will never be enough time.
The client will always try to jam a lot of shit in there.
Feedback will not be consolidated.
There will never be the money you want to do exactly what you want.
You probably should have chosen a different director.
You will always be out-spent by your competitors.
You don't have the money to do it right.

Above are just a few of the myriad excuses that potentially greet us with any project.
They are there to welcome you no matter where you work and who your client is.

My point is really simple.
Regardless of all the issues, you need to quit your carping and find a way through them.
Find a way to do good work

Almost any challenge is faced with the same sort of obstacles.
You can choose to throw in the towel.
Or you can work harder.

Working harder isn't a panacea.
But it helps.

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