Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What country is this?

There's a weird perception on Madison Avenue that most of America earns their living painting surfboards. If they aren't painting surfboards, most of America are pushing their grandchildren on a swing set placed mysteriously in the middle of the woods. Or maybe we're meeting dark-eyed and sultry lovers in a cobble-stoned square in some Mittel-European city that somehow escaped destruction during World War II.

There's a weird perception on Madison Avenue that clueless schlubs who live to watch television and drink beer, for whom tragedy is running out of salsa, get pert blondes without a scintilla of body fat and assertive little breasts that are eager to introduce themselves through their blouse.

There's a weird perception on Madison Avenue that happiness and fulfillment is contingent on how many bars you have and can be purchased for $49 a month with unlimited texting.

There's a weird perception that people dance spontaneously when they are happy. High-five their co-workers. Have sardonic and well-groomed children. That our entire nation can raise a single collective eyebrow as a national display of irony.

Have we as a nation completely forgotten about waxy yellow build-up?


Anonymous said...

Remind me what you're doing to change that.

george tannenbaum said...

Trying to avoid cliches. You?

Anonymous said...

To beat a dead horse, media consumption is changing. what advertising is and means is changing. the economy is in shambles with long term high unemployment undoubtedly a structural feature we'll be living with (like Western Europe) for a long time.

Its about small screens not big ones. Geo targeting, geo tagging, RFID and instant recouponing. Storytelling is best left to film. Waxy build up? in the Madmen era, an expensive tv spot. in the 21st century a recommendation on Angie's List.

george tannenbaum said...

Oh, stop it. Horse beater.