Monday, November 15, 2010

Your nose. Is it clean?

There's an article in this week's "Adweek" about the difficulty some major agencies are having in filling Chief Creative Officer positions. The article starts this way, "To succeed as a chief creative officer these days you have to be a double threat: possess great traditional media chops and be deeply versed in digital. But guess what? That ambidextrous talent pool is tiny, if it even exists at all at that senior level." You can read the entire thing here:

It seems to me that the trouble agencies have in filling the CCO role doesn't come merely because they are looking for "double threats" but because they are looking for "triple threats." My guess is they are seeking a versatile "ambidextrous" creative, yes, but they are also looking for someone who is squeaky clean. Someone who hasn't pissed someone off along the way. Someone who gets along and is unoffensive.

Now, I'll admit I have no proof behind this allegation other than having worked for holding companies my whole life and being an observer of their ways.

You move up in agencies these days not based on work but on your ability to chart a middle course. Don't fight too much. Don't be loud. Let it go. OK?

I'm probably wrong in this. I'm probably pissing someone off. I probably should have kept this to myself. Or posted it anonymously.

But I didn't.

And I'm no CCO.

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