Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm fine.

One of the biggest issues in my life--and it has been for 55 years, is that "I am fine."

I take a lot of shit on.

I do a lot.

You can throw crap my way and I handle it.

I am fine.

On the weekend, I was not fine. And by the time Monday rolled around I was the apotheosis of unfine.

But I traipsed out to Minnesota to sell a campaign.

My agency needed me to.

My client needed me to and "I would be fine."

Even after the car accident Monday night I said to the ambulance driver, "I'm fine."

I just wanted to get home and see my visiting daughter,

Well, now I have been in the hospital since Wednesday.

And am only now approaching fine.

I won't pyschoanalyze here my need to provide, come through, be fine.

I can only promise to try a little less hard.

And I'll probably be fine.


Graham Strong said...

Ouch George -- does not make for a good week. Hope you're well soon.


Anonymous said...

George --

I so glad you're OK.

Get well soon,

A fan

Hannah said...

i had a mini breakdown this session. i was fine doing everything, running around without my head on, doing wake ups every morning, being last to bed every night. Until that moment i got to the support boat and they told me to just sit and breath for a moment, and then it all came crashing down on me. sometimes it takes someone making you sit for a moment to realize you're not fine. Anyways its all good now, trip is over, kids had a great time, and i'm having my day off, and i really do feel well. i love you lots. i'm glad you took a minute to rest yourself before you wreck yourself.

Hannah said...

i was fine carrying my trip alone, being fist up in the morning for wake ups, last to sleep doing paperwork, running around without my head on my shoulders, until i went to the support boat and they told me to sit and breath and it all came crashing down on me. sometimes you need to have breath for a minute - nothing else just breath - to realize your not just fine. check yourself before you wreck yourself faj. love you muchly.