Thursday, September 19, 2013

An early morning.

The last three days in New York have given us a delicious foretaste of Autumn. The air has been clean and crisp and cool. The sun has been bright and everything, even the filthy, grungy neighborhood I work in looks better for it.

I've been getting to work early--earlier than usual, and staying later than usual. I am on sundry pitches, plus, I'm shooting in two weeks time, with all the pressure, chaos and uncertainty that comes with shooting.

So, it's been busy.

Busier than I wish it were.

It's been hard to stick to my post-illness pledge to pull back. To give 80% of my usual 100%.

It's hard to do--less.

Human incompetence coupled with human lassitude creates holes.

I'm a filler of holes.

As my internist said to me many years ago, "20,000 years ago, you hunted the mammoth, skinned it, cooked it and made clothes out of it. You provide."

I'm trying to provide for myself, too.

Wish me luck.

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