Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bad mood Tuesday. Continued.

As has been written on the Morton's Salt cylinder for god knows how many years, "when it rains, it pours."

Well, it's pouring right now for me at work.

It seems every time something needs figuring out, I get a phone call and get asked to lend my nimble brain.

I got a phone call on Wednesday evening as we were going into the holiest days of the Jewish year. "Can I just help out?"

I'll be honest with you. I live in a very Manichean universe. I see things in absolutes. Therefore, I don't like helping out.

Why? Because I'm doing something for you and you're doing nothing for me. There's a lot of quidding and no pro quoing.

That is, I help win business. And someone else gets bonused.

Of course it's hard to be grudging with your time. People, bosses get on your ass. You get hocked.  And remember, we're all supposed to walking around feeling grateful that we're working.

So, dig we must.


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