Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Death of...

I did a search on and for the word “death.” Here’s a 10-minute gleaning of the results:

Death of Google Reader
Death of Digital
Death of the Social Check-in
Death of a TV Genre
Death of Broadcast
Death of Consumer Segmentation
Death of Detroit
Death of Papers
The Death and Life of the American Newspaper
Death of Jane Magazine
Death of the Rock Star CMO
Death of TV Upfront
Death of the 30-second Spot
The Death of Beer
The Death of Mass Culture
The Death of the Great Advertising Idea
Death of the Advertising Jingle
The Death of GM’s brand system
Death of Propaganda
Death of the Arts Snob
Death of a Magazine Industry Icon
Death and the End of a Dallas Agency
Death of the Tagline
Display’s Death
Death of the TV Spot
Death of Branding
Death of Content
Death of Legacy
The Death of Offers
The Death of Advertising



It's a great way to get published. Just write a piece called "The Death Of _________" and some knucklehead will publish it. Worse, a whole lot of knuckleheads will believe it.

Dan Goldgeier said...

And I wrote one on Talent Zoo a while back called "Nothing is Dead, So Let's Bury That Idea."

But death is still alive, I suppose.