Monday, March 31, 2014

1984, 30 years hence.

This blog is about a lot of things, I suppose. Advertising. Integrity. My Uncle Slappy. And as I say in the description below its name, "the decline of the English language."

I heard one of those instances of decline on the weekend during an interview with Senator and former Presidential candidate, John McCain. McCain, who introduced Sarah Palin to a national audience, chose a small string of words that would have Eric Arthur Blair spinning in his grave.

McCain said "we should be sending defensive weapons" to Ukraine.

Defensive weapons.

We hear these things, we nod. Depending on our politics, we may even nod our heads. My guess is that much of the anti-Obama media is parroting this notion of defensive weapons.

In boxing, I understand the notion of a counter-puncher. Someone who withstands a blow and seeing his opponent exposed sneaks a couple of punches in. I get that.

But pieces of military hardware that are defensive?

Will someone please explain? Are these weapons that fire only when fired upon?

Or if you can't explain, will you at least wake up?

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