Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Refreshingly expensive.

If you or yours are looking for a copywriter who can quickly get the lay or the land, who can quickly sift through petaflops of information and turn it into something good, compelling and often times, funny, please contact me. It's time I looked for work.

Ten things I can do.

1.       I can write. Headlines. TV. Radio. Websites. Long copy. Short copy. In-between copy. Legal copy. Briefs. Manifestos. Positionings. Awards entries. Funny vacation emails.

2.       I can lead people. Account people. Creative people. Planners. Clients. I can inspire them to do more and better. I can raise their level of ambition so better work happens.

3.       I can question. Briefs. Bosses. Focus-group learnings. Group-think. Clients. Accepted wisdom. I can turn things upside down and get at answers that are more real.

4.       I can get it done. Fast. Brilliantly. No matter what the assignment, product or media. With insight and intelligence. Charm and wit.

5.       I can speak many media languages. Traditional. Direct. Interactive. Viral. Word of Mouth. And because I understand these languages, do excellent work no matter what.

6.       I can make people laugh. In commercials. In copy. In observations. In meetings. In the hallway. Over dinner.

7.       I can make people act. So they buy what we’re advertising. Or they buy the ads we’re selling. Or they get off their duffs and actually do something.

8.       I can disseminate. I can evangelize. I can wax eloquent about the massive changes that are happening right now. I can stay on top of those changes and help others stay on top of them, too.

9.       I can call bullshit. As much as new media has changed our world, work either connects with people or it doesn’t. I can spot the difference between a snow job and something real.

10.     I can build trust. Because I always come through.

 George Tannenbaum

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