Thursday, March 6, 2014

Doing vs. Spewing.

It is perhaps most apparent in America's political institutions.

Our House and Senate no longer do things. Our congressmen and senators no longer make laws, they make sound bites. They feed the sound bite machines that beam us a constant stream 24/7 banality.

They no longer work.

They spew.

Agencies, too, have been afflicted by the Rise of the Guru class.

They issue.

They pontificate.

They theorize.

They spew.

Do they make work better, smarter, stronger or faster?


What they do is pee in your pool.

They're part of overhead and overthink and overwrought.

I'll make this as simple as I know how.

Everyone in an agency should be involved in making ads.

Everyone should have their own assignments where they create, sell and produce.

Of course, agencies need oversight, the same way baseball players need managers.

But the proof of the pudding is in the doing, not in the spewing.

If you want show how to do something, do something.

Don't just talk about it.

After all, the line isn't "Just Spew it."

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