Friday, March 28, 2014

Brand Association.

If you're a student of advertising, as I am, you can play a game I call Brand Association. It's like word association, only played with brands and agencies.

For instance, if you said "Wendy's," I'd say "Dancer Fitzgerald Sample."
If you said "VW," I'd respond "Doyle Dane."
"Volvo," "Scali."
"Absolut," "TBWA."
"Nike," "Wieden."
"Apple," "Chiat."
"IBM," "Ogilvy."
"MCI," "Messner."
"AT&T," "Ayer."

Today, I think this game is harder to play. I think in part because accounts move more often than they used to.

I think accounts move because agencies no longer care as much about building brands as they do about winning awards. More effort is put into silly side-shows than the main event--mass media that can define a brand, give it purpose and make it likeable.

Become famous for making brands famous.

That should be our aim.

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