Friday, March 21, 2014

Micro thoughts.

One of the things that's changed in the world since I was a kid is that people are much more subtle. Gone are signs that say "white" or "colored" or "no jews allowed." Gone, really, is the systemic prejudice that bars people from colleges, housing or employment.

Instead, we've become adept at micro-aggressions, micro-assaults, micro-meanness.

These things are too small and subtle to draw outright outrage. They don't get you shit-canned, or excoriated. But they are evil nonetheless.

In agencies, I'm afraid, they happen everyday. Some perpetrated by the institution. Some by people.

Perhaps they aren't intended to anger. Perhaps nothing of that sort. But they happen.

People steal your work, change your copy.

Expenses are made impossible to expense.

Meetings happen without you. You're not told how they went.

Or you're called 'grandpa.' Ha ha.

These things don't make HR's radar.

But they're pervasive.

And they're wrong.

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