Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Two company emails.

Just yesterday I received two company emails.

One asked if I'd like to join the "Fun Committee." It read:

Do you enjoy fun?
Do you enjoy helping others have fun?
Do you specifically enjoy planning fun things for your coworkers?

If you answered yes, then you should join the FUN COMMITTEE!!  We’ll need party planners, decorators, idea people, beer lovers, wine likers, even a treasurer and a secretary. Please email me directly about joining.

The other told me that I'd be charged $3/month for a paper accounting of my corporately-mandated corporate card. I could avoid these charges if I switched to e-accounting.

I've decided to switch to e-accounting.

And to join the FUN COMMITTEE!

Here are the first ten things I will do.

1. There will be balloons.
2. And streamers.
3. Twinkies in the candy machine.
4. Mandatory Smile Tuesday!
5. Smiley-face stickers on laptops.
6. Inter-office "whoopie" cushions.
7. Outings to local brothels and methadone clinics.
8. Guess the bonus! (Like guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar, we will guess the size of Michael Roth's bonus.)
9. Summer Fridays. (We will close at 7 on said days.)
10. Pool toys.

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