Monday, January 7, 2008

An agency that gets it.

Goodby, Silverstein has just won Adweek's Agency of the Year again. For the second year in a row I believe. Beyond the stellar work they do, I found these quotations in Adweek. They are evidence that they are seeing the changing advertising world in a way other agencies can only envy.

"The company changed more in the last two years than it did in the first 23," co-chairman Goodby... "It's a necessary change, and the whole business is going to have to change to exist. Nobody knows what advertising is anymore and the change in our company is a reaction to that fact."

With minimal growing pains, the agency in the past couple of years dared to overturn the TV-centric culture it had built its reputation on, reconfigured to better meet digital demands, and stretched its celebrated creative skills with award-winning multimedia work...

"It was a magical year," says co-chairman Silverstein. And it came in the wake of a methodical reformulation of the creative mix. With 60 percent of creative staffers now able to work in all media, up from 31 percent in the fall of 2006..."

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Unknown said...

I noticed that. and i've been telling everyone that there's one agency that have transformed itself galantly, and that is the one goodby silverstein.
on a msaller scale my former colleagues at forsman & bodenfors in gothenburgh, sweden, have done the same and is today considered one of the world's best web shops. work for ikea and other clients have won them numerous awards and international recognition.
it seems as if agencies that actually tend more to the end product than to their own power games and silos do better in transformation.