Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The best 30 minutes in the history of American movies.

There's a movie that no one has ever heard of, certainly the scurvy likes of you has never heard of it, that captures more of the sadness, that stasis and stultification of vigor and imagination in the technocracy of the workplace than any other movie I have ever seen. These 30 minutes include cinematic mastery, technique and intelligence and a litany of the aphorisms of the American way skewered like a chicken satay at a fat kid's Bar Mitzvah. The writing is satirical on the order of an Orwell or Swift. The acting is superb. By turns sad, comic, pathetic, riotous, depressing, mournful, uplifting.

The movie is The Sin of Harold Diddlebock, directed by Preston Sturges. You can buy it online. I can't find but one clip on YouTube and no script on line. But as they say in Yiddish, trust me.

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