Tuesday, January 8, 2008

xerox. the copier.

after some numbers of years, XEROX has redesigned its logo and is now called xerox. xerox no longer wants to be associated with copiers, so they have copied the corporate identity trends pioneered by some of their peers. not long ago AT&T radically transformed itself by becoming at&t. i suppose there are other identity trailblazers who have also made the brilliant and innovative switch to lower case. they have also added a red ball with a striated x on it to convey a "holistic" company. interbrand, the company that redesigned the logo, said that lowercase logos are friendlier. ergo, this post, in my on-going efforts to be as friendly as e.e. cummings is in lower case as well.

a vice-president of advertising at xerox called richard wergan has this to say about the new logo. he said it “is one of the most significant changes we could make to disrupt the mental model of our being a copier brand.” i think he also has a bridge in brooklyn he'd like to sell you.

when christiantity broke off from judaism they did a massive logo redesign. they dropped the six-pointed star altogether and switched to the now-ubiquitous lower-case "t." of course, there is something more important than cosmetic alterations. there's substance. but that takes real change--not just a pushing around of type and cliches.

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Unknown said...

red's a rather aggressive color.
it should have been light green.