Sunday, January 6, 2008

Amerika the Dutiful.

Welcome our Dupeocracy. Or Dunceocracy. Where we believe in the pursuit of Lies, Britney and the pursuit of Crappiness.

According to a Pew Survey, the percentage of Americans who believe that the war is going well has risen in tandem with the perceived diminution of violence — from 30 percent in February to 48 percent in November.

Meanwhile, the truth is that more Americans were killed in Iraq in 2007 than in any other year since the beginning of the war. That's what the picture above indicates. Those colored shapes? Those are dead 20-year-olds. The black squares are increments of 500.

Like the Nazis, our government still does not allow us to see coffins coming home. And we rarely see the maimed. Or hear about the 400% rise in suicides among returning soldiers.

We are being duped. Propagandized. Manipulated.

Don't fall for it.

Believe the news as much as you believe a "Sunny-D" commercial. The "Global War on Terror" will not give you stronger bones and a whiter smile. It makes you a resident/a citizen of Fascist/Terrorist state.


Laura said...

As long as Americans don't see what is going on, it doesn't matter to them. VietNam was so different when we saw the body bags daily, heard and saw more of what went on, and wore the POW bracelets.
The visual depiction of those killed should have been a front page new yuears day story everywhere (not just the NYTimes).

And what happened to the reports about the sub-adequate medical care the VA gives to all soldiers? Who stopped those reports from coming to us? These are true crimes when you think of what we are all spending on this war. And our children will have to get the country out of this horrific debt.

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