Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to Generica.

I just went out in the largest Jewish city in the world looking for a decent rye bread. Of course I can't find one. Everything is processed and dessicated and extruded to look like food when what it all really is is a chemical stew shaped and formed into something vaguely recognizable.

The same is true of our "news" reports. We are fighting two wars yet front pages read of Britney's melt down, professional steroid-ball (also known as football) and perhaps a pregnant marine. The processed cheese food pundits spout conventional wisdom about election projections and unveil no thought, insight or wisdom. The same is true of our industrial dream machine, Hollywood, now slogging through a writers strike when the real writers of the massed produced drivel that is the opiate of the people are focus groups that make all communications as flat as a plate of piss, as an old boss of mine used to say. Our industry, advertising, is also lockstep in the downward pursuit of mediocrity. How many fruit cake ads did you see this xmas? How many commercials have the same joke--ah! the deep deep humor found in a comb-over and a raised eyebrow.

It's all the same. The TV commentators. The ironic talk show hosts.Oprah the president maker whose most salient and incisive comment is "you go girl."

Lead in the pipes. Drivel in the schools. Lies on the airwaves or cliches. Long may making no waves wave.

Welcome to Generica. Land of the fee and the home of the slave.

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