Friday, September 19, 2008

Daily dumbness update.

I stumbled across a title just now: "Chief Digital Officer." I don't understand what this means. Is the officer digital, is she made of pixels, or binary code? What is a Chief Digital Officer? Do they deal with digital photographer? Does the CDO have turf wars with the Chief Film Officer and the Chief Paper Officer and the Chief Film Stock Officer. Since in tough times more well-titled people get hired (it's a matter of the well-heeled taking care of the well-heeled friends) will we have a Chief TV Officer. A Chief Radio Office?

I think if a title doesn't explain what you actually do all day it's dumb.

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Tore Claesson said...

this morning i found myself totally pixelated. I fell apart and had problems re-organize my pixels. Thankfully a good person next to me imported me into photoshop and increased the dpi. I instantly felt sharper. However, it didn't take long before i was flattened, and all my layers were gone. it's rough to be digital. Especially if you' re low resolution. You get blurry if sometime wants to take a closer look.