Sunday, September 28, 2008

What to drink during a Depression.

I am personally abstemious, that is, I am a non-drinker. But many of my advertising colleagues--or ex-colleagues--seem to take comfort from a bit o' the grape. Of course a bit o' the grape can cost a lot o' the green these days and more and more of my friends are looking for an alternative to the expensive swill they swilled when the stock market was in the five digits.

Fear not, friend. With some ingenuity the very products you have in your basement, medicine cabinet or under the sink in the kitchen are yours for the mixing. First a word about grape juice. Welch's, I'm told, sweet, viscous Welch's cuts the astringent taste of nearly anything. So put on that oversized raincoat and shoplift a 64-er from your local bodega (if it's still open.) Once home mix the Welch's (3 parts juice/1 part alcohol) with whatever you've found around the house--Listerine, paint thinner, rubbing alcohol, gasoline from the riding mower, even Drano--though for that, I recommend a 5 to 1 ratio!

Whatever gets you through the night, as John Lennon sang, s'alright.

Tomorrow's post will feature money saving recipes. Squirrel fricasse, Pigeon au vin and Rat-atouille.

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