Saturday, September 20, 2008

My island tis of thee.

I live on a small island off the coast of America. Even though this island is well less than a mile from the American mainland it is worlds away in most other regards. My island is not very large. If it were an American state it would rank about 35th or so in total population. But unlike our American neighbors, we have virtually no army or navy and spend a pittance on defense. Also unlike our American neighbors everyone on my island gets along pretty well. Black, white and brown. Rich, poor and in-between. Muslim, Jew and Christian. Straight and homosexual. Men and women. And so on.

On my island we look over and can see America so we think about America a lot. How can it be that in a land so close to ours handguns aren't banned though they kill 30,000 people a year? How can it be that a person running for vice president does not believe in the scientific fact of evolution and has governed a population 60% smaller than my island?

There's more of course. But I'll stop now. Thankful that I live on my island.


Eric said...


Not sure if you've seen/heard about this, but there's an excellent comic that features your island as the DMZ between two sides in America's next civil war.

Good reading. Volume 6 is about to be published. Here's the Wiki on it:

geo said...

eric, who are you? Do I know you?