Friday, November 11, 2011


One of the manias of our current era is the debasement of the concept of professionalism. We've been sold on the notion that "anyone can do it." And anyone usually does.

We're left with people self-medicating, self-home-repairing, home-schooling and posting their mediocre photographs and moronic likes for one and all to see.

Our business, of course, is heavily afflicted by this disease. People who have no knowledge of the craft of film, no sense of what Eisenstein shot, or Welles, or John Ford editing drivel with meaningless imitation of "technique" that advances little the power of the communication. It's just noise.

Availability has replaced capability.

Lately the notion that "anyone can do it" has been center-stage among the Republican presidential dwarves. It's ok to not be aware of countries like Uzbekistan. It's ok not to know that China has had nuclear capabilities since 1965. It's ok to not be able to finish a sentence you've started.

Knowledge, experience, skill have been denigrated.

Summon "The Idiot's Guide to Absolutely Everything."

This morning my broadcast producer and I had some bullshit work to do. Between us we have probably almost 50 years experience. Because we both get crazy during the day we agreed to meet at 8:00 and jam for an hour, well before anyone else gets in.

In that hour we got a week's work done.

We are professionals.

And proud of it.

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