Friday, May 18, 2012

In remission.

I've been remiss.

On vacation in Puerto Rico and I haven't written.

There have been logistical reasons. With my wife and kids--or kid--now that my older daughter has returned to her home in Boston, I've gone scuba diving nearly every morning. That means I'm up in the fives or, today, the fours, and out of the hotel for the next ten or so hours.

No time to write.

And when I return, I laze--deservedly I think--by the pool.

Not the place to write.

So, I've gone dry.

Also, I must say, much of my typical Ad Aged writing is spurred by the chaos, absurdities, banalities of everyday advertising life in New York. That's been gone this past week. And replaced by the chaos, absurdities, banalities of resort living. Not the usual fare of Ad Aged--Uncle Slappy notwithstanding.

So to those brave few who are used to seeing a post or two every day, I apologize for my lack of transmission.

Like I said, I've been remiss.

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