Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's sad how things have changed.

Every agency has a person or a group of people whose job it is is to find "resources" when a project needs a copywriter and/or an art director.

This used to be a fairly simple matter. The person would go through their rolodex or Excel spreadsheet and say, "Oh, Marcia would be perfect for this, I'll give her a ring-a-ling."

After a few calls, a "resource" would be "acquired" and the "deliverables" would be on their way to being "ideated."

Today, of course, nothing is that simple.

I happened upon this description of one of these people recently.


Sean Peake said...

The tyranny of HR

Jeff said...

Following in the age old title-enhancing tradition of "Sanitation Engineer."

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit taken to a higher level.

Maggie said...

This person needs to resource him/herself a copywriter!