Thursday, August 9, 2012

56 headlines.

Some days you need to be a machine.

Some days there's so much that just has to happen that you have to find a way to get it all done.

Don't think about the 37 things you need to do.

Think about the next thing you need to do.

Do that thing.

Then do the next thing again.

Somedays work is like that.

It's ok if it is.

And it's even better when your account people understand and appreciate how much you're doing. How simple you're making things. And how good and efficient you are.

Years ago I was handed a steaming pile of shit. For worldwide usage, the client needed seven alternative headlines for eight different products.

56 headlines in all. And of course, they had to be on brand. And good.

My account person, maybe the best I ever worked with asked me to write them. I had scheduled a personal trip to San Francisco and told her I'd write all 56 if the client paid my airfare. It was done and they were.

I guess there's a lesson in that.

When people go above and beyond go above and beyond in rewarding them.

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