Friday, August 10, 2012


I've been busy of late, busy at work, preparatory to shooting a new television campaign. And busy writing speeches for various C-level executives of the client for which I toil.

Busy, I've found through 30 years of working, begets busy. Busy people know how to get things done, and like matter to a vacuum, busy sucks work toward itself.

The consequence, in short, of busy is more busy. And my freelance switchboard has been lighting up like a Christmas tree. In fact, if my freelance sustained at its current level, I might have to hire a freelancer to handle some of it. (That was a joke. I work hard for the work I get. It provides extras for my family, like maybe a car or a vacation. And most of the freelance I get is about 30% pro-bono, that is, I like the people or the project and I make my rates amenable to them.)

There's really not much point in my post this morning. Except to say this. If you're looking for work, don't tell people you're looking for work. Tell them how busy you are. And work will then, almost magically, find you.

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