Saturday, August 11, 2012

Remember these words.

Yesterday I wrote about the runaway costs that come from having unclear direction and unsettled briefs. Today I want to talk about something even more pernicious, more dangerous and more expensive.

This waste of money is easy to understand though no one understands it. It is summed up by this simple phrase: Mediocrity is expensive.

Mediocrity is expensive.

In that millions are spent on work, on words, in efforts and speeches that no one will ever remember, act upon, or pass along.

Work that goes nowhere, says nothing and inspires no one.

Mediocre work often costs as much to produce as great work. It goes through as many if not more layers of approval. It plays just as frequently to applause from the "amen-chorus."

Yet it has no impact.

If you're concerned about money, as everyone claims to be, if you want more "bang for your buck," as everyone parrots, remember these words:

Mediocrity is expensive.

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Anonymous said...

Clock this from Audi as a prime example.