Thursday, October 4, 2012


I'm out west in Telluride, Colorado right now shooting celebrity talent in the mountains. Of course prior to tomorrow's shoot we've shared location shots and wardrobe with everyone and his cousin. But since the amount of panic rises in proportion to the proximity of shooting, we have taken a boatload of flak from ill-informed second-guessers who are half a continent away.

They also seem to be oblivious to an old maxim I've just thought up, which says:
"An ounce of discussion is worth a pound of email."
In other words if you have an issue, call me.
Don't hide behind binary code.

In any event we went shopping this morning to address the client's perceived wardrobe issues and I found this hat. 

Which I am now wearing proudly.


jls209 said...

As a longtime reader of this blog, I like this immensely.

Emma said...

"They also seem to be oblivious to an old maxim I've just thought up..."

Genius. x

Tore Claesson said...

Attention to detail is good. Fear of detail is another. Everyone's afraid that someone will come down on them. Because, at the top there is the one, the mighty, that everyone is trying to double guess. We live in a era of fear. At least in our industry. But I suspect it's more or less the same most everywhere. Humans have lived through many so called ages. Right now we live in fear age.

dave trott said...

I know this is pedantic, but as you are a stickler for correct language I feel I can ask.
WUSSUP HATERS reads like that is the group you belong to: the Wussup Haters.
Shouldn't it be WUSSUP, HATERS? to signify that you're asking the haters a question?
Or even just WUSSUP HATERS?
Or have I misunderstood the meaning?
Should the correct reaction be "Hey buddy, it's just a fucking hat"?

George Tannenbaum said...

Dave, you're right. It does need a comma or a question mark.

I wish you were here, Dave.

It is quite a comedy.