Tuesday, October 9, 2012


One of the damaging and dangerous things that's happened to our business over the last ten years or so is that agency ranks are now filled with legions of people who have nothing to do but manage.

They don't come up with strategies.

They don't art direct.

Or write copy.

They don't handle the client.

They don't produce.

Or proofread.

Or type out the legal copy complete with (R)s and TMs.

They don't do anything that materially advances the ball.

They don't do anything but "manage."

Because they don't do anything, they lack control.

But because they "manage," they are control freaks.

A control freak lacking control equals panic.

So, they panic.

They don't know what you do, so they can't help you.

Or trust you.

Or form a relationship with you.

They have no time for that.

They're too busy managing.

Which is code for panicking.

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