Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A waste of time.

Uncharacteristically, I watched a ton of American football this weekend. I seldom watch sports on TV but I suppose because it was uninviting out, or because I was chilling with my daughter before she leaves for her last term of college, I had the games on for a number of hours.

Now I'll admit, the way I watch sports on TV might be unorthodox. I almost always turn the volume all the way down and turn on New York's last classical music station. Watching steroid abuse to the music of Wagner or Mahler somehow works for me. And I find I don't miss at all the banal "insights" of the ten or a dozen commentators saying essentially the same thing over and again.

I happen to think if America wanted to end war for all time, we should have our networks cover it with the same assiduity with which they cover football. I think if we saw every angle of every attack and the concussion of every explosion, our wars would either be #1 in the Nielsens or banned for good.

In any event, the games had good story lines. In the AFC, it was two old-master quarterbacks facing each other once again. In the NFC, it was the two emerging QBs going mano-a-mano.

Like I said, I watched with the sound off and the laptop on. I probably had the TV on for three hours.

It's 48 hours later.

My brain is almost recovered.

And I can recall not a single ad.

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