Monday, January 6, 2014

A world without leaders.

Though the so-called leaders of the advertising industry have no qualms accepting the multi-million dollar paydays they allocate to themselves, they are not leaders, really, in anything other than money. The same can be said about other high-priced moguls at the television networks and cable stations.

It only takes an afternoon of watching television to realize that the balance between programming and commercials is all out of whack. Whatever regulation used to be in place which determined how many commercials could be shown each hour, has disappeared. On some cable channels, during football, it seems as if there's a 50-50-split between programming and advertising.

This is obviously bad for everybody all around. The viewer turns off. The clients' commercials don't get seen. The programming sucks. And everybody turns off and declares the medium dead--choked to death by too much advertising.

I think it's time to bring balance back.

It's time to say, 24-minutes of programming for six minutes of commercial. It's time to say you can't have two or three car commercials in a single pod. Time to bring some exclusivity back.

Were that the case, revenue would remain neutral. There would be fewer but bigger checks. Viewership might even increase, which would further bolster revenue.

But there is no one to speak out about this. No one to take charge. No one to lead.

The "leaders" are too busy counting their ill-gotten money.

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