Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Never underestimate the hubris of a brand.

Verizon, fucking Verizon, has taken over the Empire State Building for a social-media-driven light show. Verizon, fucking Verizon, asks a question each day about the game, and depending on consumer responses, the lights on top of New York's iconic skyscraper change color.

I think I've made it clear.

I hate Verizon.

I hate their artless Nazi-runic double logo.

I hate every bit of marketing they've ever done.

I hate their name emblazoned nearly everywhere.

I hate their extortionate pricing and their abysmal service.

The fact is, I hate everything about them.

But this is a new low.

Even though it's not Verizon's fault someone somewhere has decided to "merchandise" the spire of New York's most-famous building, Verizon is exploiting it in the crassest and ugliest way.

Look, I'll make this simple.

The top of the Empire State Building should always be white. The tower should always look like an old silver-gelatin print.

What's more, the Empire State Building belongs to New Yorkers. Don't fucking sully it with your arrogant commercialism.

I hate you, Verizon. More than fucking ever.

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