Thursday, January 2, 2014


There's an article in today's "New York Times" about kale.

That in and of itself is not unusual.

Over the past year--since kale got "hot," there have been dozens.

Back in September there was an article about a woman who proclaimed herself "The Kale Crusader."

Around Hannukah, there was an article about kale and potato latkes.

Coinciding with the launch of the movie "The Great Gatsby," there was an article about kale being a hit in New York's social circles.

And of recipes, there have been myriad.

Today's article about kale shivered a bunch of timbers.

It postulated that kale isn't that good for you. Something about the thyroid. Something else about tooth decay.

Screams of terror have wailed through my Facebook feed.

The Kalenistas have been going mad.

The 7,000 pounds of kale they konsumed in 2013--in liquid, solid and gaseous forms, might have been for naught.

Here's the thing.

And my wish for 2014.


Kale is probably good for you.

In moderation.

Just as social media is probably important.

In moderation.

Just as certain agencies are so hot they're worth trying to get into.

In moderation.

Just as so-and-so is really talented.

In moderation.

Just as your job sucks and is so horrible you can't stand it another day.

In moderation.

That's it.

Keep calm.

Keep cool.

Don't bet the farm on new foods, new fads, new fortune, new friends, and new fame.


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