Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Thursday poem.

Whatever happened to hashtags?
They were going to takeover the planet.
You wouldn't just read an ad.
You'd interact and scan it.

Whatever happened to Google Plus?
The new, new new thing,
A couple years later
It's just a prayer and a wing.

What about Facebook "likes"?
Proof that people cared.
Did they add to the bottom line?
Was anything really shared?

And Tumbler, and Instagram,
As marketing grail.
Did they ever do anything,
Or lead to a sale?

And what of the posers
Who strutted and led?
Who said you have to do this,
Because TV is dead.

Their forecasts were wrong.
Their predictions fell flat.
But they all moved on.
And forgot about that.

Let's not be accountable.
What we say doesn't matter.
As long as our careers
Move straight up the ladder.

We're not really interested,
In brands and enhancement
All this new media is
Just for our advancement.

I spout therefore I am.
So speak before thinking.
And don't pay attention
To that thing we left stinking.

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