Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Politicians vs. Pietists.

If you read about the history of organized religion in the West, particularly the structure of the Holy See, you'll observe that you can break it down into two parts.

There is the Power of Politics.

And the Power of Piety.

The politicians, of course, are the ones who run things. The ones who made the Papacy and subordinate positions in the Church's management the same sort of Game of Thrones we see in television dramas.

The pietists were the true believers. Those ensconced in monasteries or risking life and limb to convert (or kill) pagans. Mostly, despite their belief, the pietists enriched the politicians.

The same dichotomy exists in agencies today.

The politicians politic and get rich. They run the holding companies and the agencies that feed them.

While the pietists labor in the hope of a glorious after-life. They create the work and believe in its power.

The politicians believe in money.

The pietists in pencils.

Who's better off?

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