Thursday, April 24, 2014

Advertisements for myself. Part 2.

I know how to work with CEOs and CMOs.
I’ve done it for decades.
For major clients that I won't name here.

I how to take a short burst of C-level time, and find what’s important--
what’s at the core of their marketing needs.
I know how to take their vision and translate it to action.

To do this, here’s what you do.
You develop big ears:
You hear one word and understand two.

You get to know their business.
Their marketplace.
Their employees.
And their customers.

Then, you come through with the right work.
You over-deliver.
Before long, you’ve built trust.

That’s how you get the best work.
And build the strongest relationships.
And how you create work that works for the C’s.

While moving both companies and people.

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