Wednesday, April 30, 2014

There's an old advertising joke about a woman who dies and goes before St. Peter because after 45 years of marriage, she's still a virgin.

"How is this possible?" St. Peter asks.

And the woman replies, "Well, my husband is in advertising. Every night he sits on the side of the bed and tells me how great it's going to be."

I think about this joke as we see the diminished presidency of the first hipster president, Barack Obama. He's a man who can make a brilliant speech but can't do the work of making things work.

He is the exact opposite (as a politician) to LBJ. An odious character who as president passed a series of laws that propelled half our nation from Jim Crow-serfdom to relative enlightenment. Perhaps one of the three or four great legislative accomplishments in the history of America.

Obama no longer presents even a vision. How will we, as a nation, be great. Make the world better. Solve problems.

The emptiness of his words have tarnished the credibility of his eloquence.

You can't blame republican captiousness for everything.

You find a way to make it work. Or embarrass the hell out of the obstructionists.

You make it work.

There's an agency--a popular and well-regarded new-age hipster agency--whose slogan is "it's gonna be awesome."

Enough of what it's gonna be. What is it?

Make something that works.

That moves people/product/sales.

Stop talking.

Start doing.

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