Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Something happened.

It's not unusual for a ballplayer to lose a step over time. Plays he used to make, he can no longer. Shots that used to fall, clang off the rim. A pitch he used to be able to get the bat around on, eludes him.

It's that way for me this morning.

I have lost my sense of humor.

I asked my wife if she had seen it.

No luck.

I looked through my winter coat which I put away last week,
thinking I might have left it in a pocket.

It wasn't there.

I looked in my over-stuffed sock drawer. Maybe the cleaning lady had put it there. Maybe I left it in an old pair of jeans and it went through the wash.

I examined the places my puppy hides things. Maybe she had absconded with it.

But no.

It's gone.

I have lost my sense of humor.

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