Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A new day.

Yesterday I began working again in a full-time position.

I was "out" of one for fifteen months, pursuing my freelance adventures in the skin trade.

Of course, when I was first released from my previous employ, I felt a mix of crazy emotions. Basically all of Kubler-Ross every day. From anger to depression to acceptance.

From 'those bastards' to 'I'll never work again' to 'this ain't half bad.'

But now I am back within the icy-cold embrace of a big agency within an even bigger and even icier holding company.

There's something comforting about this, despite the ice.

I am surrounded by a familiar culture, on accounts I like, amid people I respect and admire.

I will probably make significantly less than I was earning freelance but with significantly more regularity and structure around me.

These are the trade-offs we all make.

In all, I'm glad to be back.

Glad to know who's buttering my toast.

Glad to know what office I'm heading to day after day.

Glad to be able to build relationships with clients and senior management.

As has been the case since I started Ad Aged, I'll keep the agency as much as possible out of this blog. No names. No clients. No specificity.

I'll be as honest as I can be without getting in trouble. Of course all opinions are mine. Most observations are exaggerated out of pangs of anger or an attempt to be funny.

If you feel compelled to comment on my blog, abide by my rules. Keep certain things that could damage me mum.

One more thing.

Wish me luck.

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