Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tough Tuesday.

It's a plug-ugly day in New York.

One of those days where the stink and grey of the asphalt blends seamlessly into the stink and grey of the sky. It's already hot and sticky--and it's raining too, and warm, and not even eight o'clock.

They're expecting temperatures in the 90s later this week and hail and thunder later today. Maybe this will be it. When our sick planet finally jumps its axis and hurtles off into space at tens of thousands of miles per hour crashing into Alpha Centauri or some other nearby celestial body.

Maybe this is it. Maybe not.

I've got the gloom of about five projects hanging over my head now and each one has my lungs in its grip, squeezing the air out of me.

Some combination of being new and working with and for new people and the shear amount of work has me tied up in knots.

My rational side knows I'll get through it. But it's not my rational side that's screaming for attention now.

As Hank Williams sang so many years, "I've been down that road before."

I'll be down it again.

And get through this.

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